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The elegantly streamlined dresses, frocks and jackets that marched down the runways for spring brought all eyes to attention, highlighting décolletage and a woman's natural waistline and forming an excellent backdrop for some of fine jewelry's hottest looks. Across the board, from preppy to primal, the best collections had a ladylike essence in common, making fine jewelry more at home than ever before. "Fine colored gemstone jewelry has become an integral element of a woman's overall look," notes Douglas Hucker, Executive Director of the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA), a non-profit trade association that provides consumers with colored gemstone and pearl jewelry shopping tips. "What a lot of consumers aren't aware of is that you can get fine jewelry that looks like it came right off the runway without spending a fortune. Virtually every color of the rainbow can be found in colored gemstones in a wide variety of price points." Colorful jewelry was an important part of a number of highly coveted collections, making colored gemstone jewelry a perfect choice for Spring.

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