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By Lorraine DePasque, Contributing Editor

In 2010, going green means more than responsibly reducing your carbon footprint. There's a green color revolution in fashion and accessories—and, of course, that means jewelry, too. For spring and summer, green sundresses, tees, and sandals are must-haves for every stylish wardrobe and, at the same time, some treat-yourself green gemstone jewelry to complement.

What's that, you say? You're thinking perhaps you shouldn't wear green—skin tone too yellowy? Well, think again. According to the “Fashion Color Report for Spring and Summer” from the Pantone Institute, there's a green for everyone. For some, it's the blue-green of turquoise while, for others, it's more what Pantone calls “the neutral-green of dried herb.” Leatrice Eiseman, Pantone's executive director, says, “Turquoise is a vibrant bright green that we associate with tropical ocean-filled vacations,” while dried herb is a practical green, “the ultimate green neutral for people typically hesitant to invest in the color.” Fashion designer Carmen Marc Valvo's version of dried herb is, in fact, his signature shade for the warm-weather seasons, juxtaposed with—how exciting--metallic gold!

Speaking of gold . . . since early last year, international trend forecasting expert Ellen Sideri has been anticipating the exciting renaissance of gold jewelry set with green gemstones. “Everything from light to dark greens,” said the founder and president of ESP Trendlab in New York City . In early '09, Sideri noted, “They're starting to punctuate the market and, in 2010, they'll be very strong.” Well, Sideri was spot-on, emphasizing that wearing green gemstone jewelry this year “is a way to wear luxury and not deprive yourself.” Because, she said “even though some great greens can, admittedly, be rather pricey, other fabulous ones are really affordable. And, today, personal style is all about mixing quality product at the high, low, and middle. Look at Michelle Obama. The First Lady is a perfect example of how best to mix luxury and mass together and make it work beautifully. I especially like layering and stacking jewelry pieces,” So, in 2010, she recommends, “Mix various shades of green gems together.”

You can go to the Gemstones section of our website to see many of the marvelous green gems. There's an abundance of information on them, things like origin, properties, rarity, etc. But with so many contemporary jewelry designers launching collections about good karma—luck, peace, and love—there's clearly a craving for health, wealth, and good energy in the air. So, with that in mind, we've put together a short list of fashion-trending green gems with a long story of goodness and fortune.

There are so many age-old tales about turquoise that it's almost hard to zero in on one. It‘s a particularly important stone, however, to the Native American culture, believed to protect one from evil and bring health and wealth. Yes, for the medicine man in this country's first Americans, turquoise stones were indispensible!

May's birthstone is another one of those gems with many sagas, written or passed along word-of-mouth. It's said to do everything from curing eye problems to helping people speak more eloquently. Perhaps our favorite, however, is the belief that it makes people more honest. And, on that note, should we see to it that our elected officials get emeralds on the day they're sworn in? (Just asking.)

Green Diamond
Birthstone of the April-born, diamonds--whatever their color--have long been considered gems that bring victory and fearlessness. In the 16 th century, some cultures called the diamond the gem of reconciliation, enhancing the love between a husband and wife. What we know today is that a diamond in any color can usually bring a husband and wife closer together--at least for the short-term!

Green Garnet
The clear green garnet (demantoid) shares all the great legendary history as its red garnet counterpart. If you're looking for passion in a relationship, a green garnet might be a good start. Although some reports from the ancients say it can excite one too much and bring on insomnia. Well, nothing is perfect, right?

Green Moonstone
With moonstone so important in fashion, we decided to mention it here, although it comes in many different colors. Lately, however, we've been seeing more designers selecting the ethereal pale greens. There are many legends associated with moonstone, no matter its particular shade, among them, as a cure-all for nervousness. A good choice in these turbulent times, yes?

Your quintessential spring green--no matter which spring you're talking about, really--is peridot. Some mythology records that peridot has magic powers, while in some ancient religions, people went so far to say this apple-green stone is associated with miracles. Magic powers or miracles? At this point, either one will do.

Green Jade
Since jade has always been one of the most favored gemstones in China , we'll mention here one of that Asian nation's big legendary beliefs about the stone. It is said, among other things, to give its owner power, knowledge, and immortality. Will you settle for two out of three?

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