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Earrings are going to great lengths to add glamour to everyday dressing, even if you don't spend every day on the red carpet. Although movie stars have embraced this trend, gem drop earrings are just as chic in the supermarket as at a premiere. In fact, long dangling earrings are the new fashion essential. Chandelier earrings, the Oscar perennial, are still a favorite way to go long. New chandelier styles are less formal, with bright colorful gems adding individuality to their drop-dead glamour. The newest dangle designs are thinner and more delicate, but still lanky. The key is flexibility: joints are essential to allow the gems to dance and dazzle, brushing your neck, and drawing the eye to your face and the line of your neck. That's what makes gem drops so irresistible: these long and lovely earrings are as sexy as they are feminine.

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