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The creativity and craftsmanship that go into fashioning gems and making jewelry also affect the value of the finished product. Besides being beautiful, an exquisite gem reflects the union of aesthetics, science, and technical mastery. Fine jewelry combines gems and precious metal with talented design, skilled execution, and attention to even the smallest details.

Value isn't a deep or complex mystery. However, it simply makes sense to have the guidance of a professional you trust when you purchase your colored gemstone jewelry.

Jewelry retailers who are AGTA members are gemstone professionals who can show you how to judge a gemstone's quality. Their stores carry a wide selection of classic and unusual gemstones. They have the knowledge and training to give you good advice about choosing gems and pearls, with full disclosure of all the facts that are needed to make an educated and satisfying purchase decision. Just as important, they're passionate about sharing the beauty and wonder of natural colored gemstones and cultured pearls. Use our retailer finder to find an AGTA retailer near you.

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