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If you are making a major gem purchase, you may want a second opinion: a report from an independent gemological laboratory that confirms that the gemstone you are buying is being represented accurately.

A gemstone laboratory report is like Carfax or an engineer’s report on a house: it is an independent confirmation of the identity of the gem and what it has gone through before it has reached you. The report confirms the gemstone variety and natural origin of the gem and includes information on any enhancement or treatment. A report may also include information about where the gemstone was mined, based on a study of its inclusions.

A laboratory report isn’t like a house appraisal, though: it doesn’t include an estimate of the gem’s value. We include more information on gemstone and jewelry appraisals below.

To make sure that consumers have access to the protection of high quality colored gemstone reports based on the latest research and technology, the non-profit American Gem Trade Association founded the AGTA Gemological Testing Center in New York in 1998.

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